Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention 2019 #ToyCon 2019

TOYCON 2019’s poster featuring the ambassador “Zeta Manila Killa”

It’s June again and by this I feel excited on the biggest Pop culture event in the Philippines, which we all know as ToyCon.

This year, ToyCon will feature a new limited vinyl toy named Zeta Manila Killa which was made by Quiccs, the Designer Toy Awards 2019 Artist of the Year .

Customized Mecha Doll Dressed up Contest

I’m not sure if this is the first time Toycon had a Customized Mecha Doll dress up contest but because I am a mecha plastic model kit enthusiast, I find this contest very interesting.

For more info, please tune in to and follow their social media accounts:

Thinking about creating another blog about gaming

As you can see, gamers (especially mobile gamers) do live/watch parties for them to gain more audiences.

Recently I started a new page called “Soplak Gaming” which is based from the tagalog slang word “soplak” means “humiliated” which I frequently used as my in-game name from 2014 onwards.

Free at last after I uninstalled FFBE

I am so fed up with my pulls ever since the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Halloween units banner.

I think playing gacha games is not my thing because luck is not on my side. I keep on getting useless pulls, especially blue and gold crystal units that are totally worthless.

I swear that after FFBE, I will not play gacha games EVER AGAIN.