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Philippine Toy Convention (ToyCon) 2012 Day 2 : Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao Edition


At last! The long wait has come! I took pictures of these prominent Gosiengfiao sisters, Alodia and Ashley.

For more than 10 cosplay events I’ve attended before, this is the first time I really saw them in person.

I recognized that Jun 16, 2012 is Alodia and Ashley’s Day. The same date me and my girlfriend watched Eugene Domingo’s Kimmy Dora 2 and the Temple of Kiyeme, which also stars Alodia Gosiengfiao as Sang Kang Kang, the antagonist of the film.

Cosplayers Myrtle Sarroza

Myrtle Gail is now a Pinoy Big Brother Housemate

Photo courtesy of FilipinaCosplay

Young cosplayer. Myrtle Abigail Sarrosa, or simply known as Myrtle Gail, is also included in this year’s Pinoy Big Brother Edition 4.

Myrtle Gail is a cosplayer, a UP Accountancy student, and an SK Chairman.

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Watch her tonight on Pinoy Big Brother Edition 4.


Update for J-Pop Fest and My Message

Good day cosplayers!

As of today, I will not be present in Cosplay and otaku events, including this upcoming J-Pop fest until April 1 because of conflicting schedules and taking a time off.

I will be back next month or end of this month.

I really wanted to join this J-Pop festival party event so I decided to blog it even though I couldn’t make it.

To top things up, I want to tell all cosplayers to enjoy the event and to photographers, please be considerate to the cosplayers, ask permission to take pictures, and if possible, show the picture of them.

Thank you and have fun!