Thinking about creating another blog about gaming

As you can see, gamers (especially mobile gamers) do live/watch parties for them to gain more audiences.

Recently I started a new page called “Soplak Gaming” which is based from the tagalog slang word “soplak” means “humiliated” which I frequently used as my in-game name from 2014 onwards.

Events Journal

#TBT UP AME Monogatari 2011 at World Trade Center, Pasay City

UP AME Monogatari is one of the first Cosplay events I’ve went to in 2011 during my first years as event blogger.

University of the Philippines had their cosplay event at World Trade Center, Pasay City named UP AME or University of the Philippines Anime and Manga Expo.

Not sure about the meaning of Monogatari but based from the things I searched via internet is a list of Japanese light novels.

Anyway, some of the pics were grabbed from my Facebook album and selected the ones that I can upload.

Those were the days that I haven’t registered my blog under cosplayerscorner for otaku related things.

On the record, UP AME Monogatari was the third cosplay event I attended during my early years of event blogging.

After numerous cosplay and otaku events, I thought of creating a blog for cosplay-related topics, especially events, news, and even cosplayers.


Back after a long slumber

Missed going to cons but I will be going to a con next month, it is called ESGS (E-Sports and Gaming Summit). After my wife gave birth to my daughter, Khloe, I became inactive and busy. So maybe next month I will be active once again.

Also, I am looking forward to join cons again, but I don’t prefer travelling to far for a cosplay event.