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FFBE Updates – Fan Festa units, Mog King event, New batch of 7-star awakening

Revelations of Darkness

Event duration: Nov 16-29, 2018
Event Type: Mog King
Exclusive Equipment/s:

  • Torn dress – Clothes: ATK+12, DEF+30, null stone
  • Metal earrings – Accessory: ATK+18, DEF+3, enable Sharp Metal (boost ATK when equipped with a katana, for Ellesperis only)
  • Eternal flame – Accessory: DEF/SPR+3, DEF+15%, enable Flame of Vitality (HP+15%, for Beryl only)
  • Ruined Shield – Light shield: DEF+25, SPR+15, dark resist +15%
  • Demonic Might – Materia: ATK+15%, physical damage against demons +5%
  • Demonic Mind – Materia: MAG+15%, magical damage against demons +5%

This friday, Fan Festa unit winners are out in the featured summon.

Get a guaranteed unit (Beryl or Ellesperis) for each 25,000 lapis summon.


Role: Magic Attacker/Tanker (Swappable)
Trust Mastery Reward: Light’s Vengeance – Materia: Boost HP by 20% and MAG/SPR by 30%
Super Trust Mastery Reward: Fallen Angel – Fallen Angel: Dagger, ATK+10, MAG+142, SPR+142, light/dark resist+40%, Sines of the Father (Magical True doublehand skill for Beryl only)
Other notes:

  • Dual ability at 6-star, triple ability at 7-star
  • Swappable roles (attacker>tanker, and vice versa)
  • Chains with Chaos Wave, Octaslash, and Divine Ruination


Role: Physical Attacker?
Trust Mastery Reward: Onimaru – Katana: ATK+140, SPR+30
Super Trust Mastery Reward: Vampyrism – Materia: boost ATK when equipped with clothes and/or katana, human/demon killers
Other notes:

  • Dual ability at 6-star, triple ability at 7-star
  • ATK buff at a cost of her HP
    Chains with Octaslash and Divine Ruination

New batch of units for 7-star awakening:

  • Gladiolus
  • Noctis
  • Lunera
  • Roy
  • Balthier
  • Fohlen
  • Pyro Glacial Lasswell
  • Blossom Sage Sakura
  • Fryevia
  • Elfreeda
  • Loren

Chamber of Arms

Nunki: The Dragon of Concealed Affection
Flame Whip – Whip: ATK+98, MAG+117, fire elemental, access to Firaja

Video Games

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love experience

I have been playing Ragnarok on-and-off since 2003 and compared to the old Ragnarok, this version seems to be faster than the original one.

Got my second job in a matter days:

If you are into sidequests and missions, well probably you’ll get your second or third job in a matter of days. I think this is a new Ragnarok mechanic that was not been featured in the PC version so try it out yourself.

Another method is to use lightning chain to increase base and job experience by a certain rate. Then grind in your favorite spot and set it to auto so that you can grind hands-free.

Lesser job levels for the first job (sigh):

The downside of this game is that the maximum job for the first job is 40 instead of 50. You need to be careful of selecting skills but feel free to reset your skills as long as you have 500,000 zennies, you can buy the item from the old NPC in Prontera.

Equipment gacha from slots and boxes:

Before, you can get random items from Old blue boxes and Old purple boxes. Today, you can do gacha pulls from the gacha machines in Prontera, or you can also try out the boxes you get from the rift.


You can take a selfie in some spots then once you take a selfie with a monster, you can also get their info, drops, and many others.

So far, I enjoyed playing the game so hopefully I will not be addicted because of family and office duties.

Video Games

Ragnarok M : Eternal Love SEA opens at Oct 31, 2018

Ragnarok Online is one of my favorite online games which I played for over a span of 5 years. I stopped due to my commitment to work and I don’t have a time to play it anymore.

This October 31, 2018, Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love will open its gates to South East Asian players at 10:00 GMT + 7. Other servers were opened years ago and this time, South east asian Ragnarok addicts will experience Ragnarok via Mobile.

For those who haven’t played Ragnarok Mobile yet, the gameplay is quite the same as the old one but with some differences like the graphics, auction system, etc.

Ready your storage as we play Ragnarok M: Eternal Love this Halloween!