FFBE Updates – Fan Festa units, Mog King event, New batch of 7-star awakening

Revelations of Darkness

Event duration: Nov 16-29, 2018
Event Type: Mog King
Exclusive Equipment/s:

  • Torn dress – Clothes: ATK+12, DEF+30, null stone
  • Metal earrings – Accessory: ATK+18, DEF+3, enable Sharp Metal (boost ATK when equipped with a katana, for Ellesperis only)
  • Eternal flame – Accessory: DEF/SPR+3, DEF+15%, enable Flame of Vitality (HP+15%, for Beryl only)
  • Ruined Shield – Light shield: DEF+25, SPR+15, dark resist +15%
  • Demonic Might – Materia: ATK+15%, physical damage against demons +5%
  • Demonic Mind – Materia: MAG+15%, magical damage against demons +5%

This friday, Fan Festa unit winners are out in the featured summon.

Get a guaranteed unit (Beryl or Ellesperis) for each 25,000 lapis summon.


Role: Magic Attacker/Tanker (Swappable)
Trust Mastery Reward: Light’s Vengeance – Materia: Boost HP by 20% and MAG/SPR by 30%
Super Trust Mastery Reward: Fallen Angel – Fallen Angel: Dagger, ATK+10, MAG+142, SPR+142, light/dark resist+40%, Sines of the Father (Magical True doublehand skill for Beryl only)
Other notes:

  • Dual ability at 6-star, triple ability at 7-star
  • Swappable roles (attacker>tanker, and vice versa)
  • Chains with Chaos Wave, Octaslash, and Divine Ruination


Role: Physical Attacker?
Trust Mastery Reward: Onimaru – Katana: ATK+140, SPR+30
Super Trust Mastery Reward: Vampyrism – Materia: boost ATK when equipped with clothes and/or katana, human/demon killers
Other notes:

  • Dual ability at 6-star, triple ability at 7-star
  • ATK buff at a cost of her HP
    Chains with Octaslash and Divine Ruination

New batch of units for 7-star awakening:

  • Gladiolus
  • Noctis
  • Lunera
  • Roy
  • Balthier
  • Fohlen
  • Pyro Glacial Lasswell
  • Blossom Sage Sakura
  • Fryevia
  • Elfreeda
  • Loren

Chamber of Arms

Nunki: The Dragon of Concealed Affection
Flame Whip – Whip: ATK+98, MAG+117, fire elemental, access to Firaja

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