From Cosplay events to Gunpla

A brief flashback on my otaku/cosplay tenure goes back to 2011 when I attended Hero Face-off. Started taking pictures of cosplayers in and out of Megatrade Hall in Megamall. Although those were the days when I build my network of cosplayers by just adding them and tagging them in the pictures (by that time, adding as a friend is required).

I stopped going to cons in early 2015 because of family reasons as a married individual. Returned to cons on 2017 (Toycon and ESGS) though I still takes photos of Cosplayers, the main purpose of going to the cons is to buy or canvas a gunpla of my choice. I also attended Gunpla Expo of 2017 though it focuses on plastic models rather than cosplay, I still consider it as a geek event for Gundam fanatics (like me).

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