Free at last after I uninstalled FFBE

I am so fed up with my pulls ever since the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Halloween units banner.

I think playing gacha games is not my thing because luck is not on my side. I keep on getting useless pulls, especially blue and gold crystal units that are totally worthless.

I swear that after FFBE, I will not play gacha games EVER AGAIN.

Presenting Yaya Han’s 2019 cosplay calendar

Chinese-American cosplayer, Yaya Han, unveiled her 2019 cosplay calendar last October 29, 2018 via social media.

You’ll see Yaya Han wearing 002 cosplay with other costumes included in the back cover of the 2019 calendar.

Orders start now at Yaya Han’s Big Cartel page.

Cosplayer: Yaya Han
Photo: Brian Boling

Liz Katz Aerith Gainsborough Cosplay

Liz Katz cosplay one of the famous Final Fantasy characters, Aerith Gainsborough, can’t imagine a blonde version of Aerith with tattoos.

Let’s vote for Liz Katz as an Inked cover girl once again as she was placed 1st in the West group twenty-eight and 2nd in the semifinals.

Her cosplay is a fusion of a modern millennial woman and Final Fantasy VII’s Aerith Gainsborough.