Philippine Toy Convention (ToyCon) 2012 Day 2 : Bloggers' Edition

Well, ToyCon is not complete without someone blogging the event, so I included their pictures in this blog and I think they are the reason why ToyCon gets better and better every year. I hope that I will see them in the next Cosplay Conventions, probably Hero Face-off and ToyCon series.

I also included Kuya Azrael, one of the organizers of ToyCon, who is also a blogger.

Philippine Toy Convention (ToyCon) 2012 Day 2 : Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao Edition


At last! The long wait has come! I took pictures of these prominent Gosiengfiao sisters, Alodia and Ashley.

For more than 10 cosplay events I’ve attended before, this is the first time I really saw them in person.

I recognized that Jun 16, 2012 is Alodia and Ashley’s Day. The same date me and my girlfriend watched Eugene Domingo’s Kimmy Dora 2 and the Temple of Kiyeme, which also stars Alodia Gosiengfiao as Sang Kang Kang, the antagonist of the film.